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About AudioPoetiZed

blossom and fragrance

of all human knowledge,

human thoughts,

human passions,

emotions, language,

the billowing of imagination,

an expression for the unspeakable?

Poetry as source for language, the creation of words, a communication origins, the tools of human relations, rests in the no man’s land of our own speeches, lost in translation or within an impossible treatment of massive brain transmissions, streaming information and confusing reciprocal sensations, perceptions and feelings.

In few words this series aim to play with the format of reception and production of poetry (as languistic manipulations) , as an audio diffusion giving vibrato to the paper potential. This means cross-polinating our thinking about the medium of poetry itself in relation to sound, yet not directly, as is the with sound poetry, but as matter of telling it more than writing it, even if the word or signs are primarily written down.

This series proposes to change veiwpoints from the perspective of the writer to the perspective of the audio poetizer – which is how we propose to the possible problematic of an audio experience of poetry (as the production of language or signs),

how poetry becomes a production, a poîetic of audio signs and languages?

What does poetry means?

How writing can become audio?

Is the voice the only way to express poetry?

How could the voice be translated beyond the usual inner nature of just reading a text?

Will audio change the reception of this poetry?

Will audio change poetry in a way the writer did not previously concieve?

Can poetry disappear behind sound in those conditions or vice versa?


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