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 Simone Bardazzi ​ Simone Bardazzi ​
 +====== Vital Weekly 880 ======
 +**NANTES IS NOISE (CD compilation by Fibrr)**
 +The Bot CD has connections to Apo33, which is an organization from Nantes, busy with all sorts of experimental music, promotion and releasing thereof. Obviously there is the great venue in a former biscuit factory (as far as I can remember that) and there is a compilation with the city's finest in this area. Keith Rowe of AMM fame lives there, and we recognize such names as Formanex, Luc Kerleo, Mathias Delplanque, Julien Ottavi and Thomas Tilly, but there is also many new names to be discovered here, Wehwalt, Jerome Joy, Anthony Tailard, Jenny Pickett, Clinch, Semantik, Morosphynx and Dominique Leroy. Improvised music, noise, electronics,​ ambient, field recordings and all such like are presented here and while none of the tracks really stand out, there are no really weak brothers either. A fine collection. (FdW)
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